Coffee Academy

Royal Moka Coffee Academy


The training courses are centered on the knowledge, origin and processing of the products used, in order to promote excellence and professionalism in our sector, as well as the birth of innovative start-ups, with a high degree of specialization.

The courses are directed by Riccardo di Gasbarro Teacher Training member of the SCA (Speciaity Coffee Association).

Professional Course of Cafeteria

First theoretical hour

  • Historical and botanical notes of coffee
  • Distinction of the arabian coffea variety - canefora robusta
  • Harvesting and processing methods
  • The various roasting processes

  • 1. BLEND
    • The main features to recognize a quality blend
    • Knowledge of the equipment used, grinding and dosing
    • Cause of under or over extraction
    3. HAND
    • Skill of the barista in the preparation technique for a quality espresso, pressing
    4. MACHINE
    • Knowledge of machine parameters for correct functionality
    • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment used with certified products.
    Duration: 5 hours

    Other Academy Courses


    Introduction: sensory difference of Arabica and Robusta;
    Contents: tasting of espresso, Arabica and Robusta coffee;
    Practice: cupping;
    Duration: 4 hours

    Specialty Coffee

    Introduction: explanation of specialty coffee;
    Contents: use of alternative extraction systems;
    Practice: coffee extracted with V60, Chemex, Aeropress;
    Duration: 4 hours

    Latte Art

    Introduction: study and knowledge of milk
    Contents: mounting and pouring techniques
    Practice: Training training for the realization of figures (heart, leaf, tulip, etc ...)
    Duration: 7 hours

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